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Animal Adoption

Animal Adoption

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Animal: Monkey
Nick Name: Benin
Location: Nairobi National Park

Benin is a small monkey with a dark face and a distinctive white nose. He is a very curious and chirpy spot-nosed monkey who enjoys attracting the attention of people with his Staccato calls. He is named after his home Benin, in Sierra Leone in West Africa where he was captured and packed in a crate destined for Egypt, where he was to be sold along with other primates. However, when the plane landed in Kenya on transit, KWS confiscated the illegal shipment as there were no official transportation and sale documents for the primates.

Animal: Leopard
Nick Name: Talek

Talek was found near the Maasai Mara Talek gate at a campsite when he was about 2wks old. He was discovered by a Chinese visitor, Dai Watakabe who informed the Narok county council and the KWS rangers. The long ride to the orphanage left him very exhausted but he was given very good care and he recovered and is now very strong and likes to play with people. He loves attention.


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