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Resource  Mobilisation

Over the years and through trend analysis, KWS’ main sources of revenue (its own generated revenue; government subvention and specific project support from partners), have taken a downturn due to challenges of international economics and government allocation in other priority areas that compete for limited financial resources from other sectors.

Given its central mandate, to conserve the natural environment, fauna and flora of Kenya for the benefit of present and future generations - it is imperative that Kenya Wildlife Service urgently identifies alternative sources of revenue to ensure that it continues to play the pivotal role in creating a level of certainty for Kenya’s wildlife conservation and management efforts.

Why We Need You

For Kenya Wildlife Service, EVERY PENNY COUNTS.
In our work at KWS, we never forget that in spirit, our natural legacy belongs not only to Kenyans, but to humanity as a whole. In conserving and protecting, we take pride in knowing that we undertake a most sensitive task but one with greater ramifications for this nation and the world.

You can help KWS to conserve wildlife and its habitats by supporting the Kenya Wildlife Service Trust Fund: Animal Adoption Program; Conservation Fundraising Events and by giving donations (in cash, in-kind, restricted and unrestricted).


Donations are a crucial source for supplementary funds for conservation. Your one-off, regular  or in-kind support  will help Kenya Wildlife Service continue to play a pivotal role in creating a level of certainty for Kenya’s wildlife conservation and management efforts given it’s central mandate  to conserve the natural environment, fauna and flora of Kenya for the benefit of present and future generations.

To donate you can choose from the following options:


This allows you to pick a specific program or priority area and designate your support. This way, you get the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a program that is personally meaningful to you.  

As a guide the following are KWS POTENTIAL AREAS OF SUPPORT (PROJECTS)

  • Security of Visitors and Wildlife (acquisition of modern security equipment, enhance information management, Intensification of surveillance and patrols);
  • Infrastructure Development (maintenance of selected external and internal classified access roads approximately 1,800km, rehabilitation and maintenance of unclassified road networks in the parks totaling 4,500km, staff housing, offices),
  • Species Conservation (Endangered Species conservation, Other species),
  • Institutional strengthening (Knowledge exchange; Capacity building for natural resource management),
  • Marketing and Improving tourism facilities (Develop tourism facilities and diversify tourism products, enhance domestic and international marketing promotion, opening new circuits),
  • Habitat management, research & monitoring (monitor wildlife demographics, health and other biodiversity trends)
  • National Parks and Reserves  (minimize human wildlife conflict, Protected Area  Management - development of Management Plans, Enterprise Development Fund, establishment  and maintenance of wildlife corridors and dispersal areas)
  • Kenya Wildlife Service Trust Fund


This Support is very valuable to conservation as it allows Kenya Wildlife Service to allocate funds where the need is greatest. KWS will ensure that your support is put to the most effective use in an area of greatest need.

Via our website: visit under DONATIONS – for more information
By email: e-mail to to make request for us to send you by return e-mail, an electronic DONATIONS form which outlines directions.
By post or fax: fill in one of DONATIONS printed forms. This form can be downloaded or obtained from us.

Contact us on:

Tel: +254 020 600800, 602345 (Ext 2128, 2119)
P.O. Box 40241 00100

Account Name: Kenya Wildlife Service – Donations Account
Account No.: 229975312
Bank: Kenya Commercial Bank
Branch: Moi Avenue


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