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Kenya Wildlife Service Animal Adoption Programme

The Kenya Wildlife Service Animal Adoption Programme gives an opportunity to individual / corporate to sponsor an animal at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, famed for its efforts in caring for abducted, abandoned, and injured wild animals.

The adoption program is on the premise that every animal at our orphanage has specific needs. The support goes directly into the upkeep of the animals by providing food, medicine, toys, translocations, cage construction, maintenance repairs, and supplies. 
Out of every sponsorship received 50% will be directed to the Kenya Wildlife Service Fund whose objective is to provide a sustainable source of funding for wildlife conservation and its habitats to benefit present and future generations.
To date, the program has seen the adoption of 15 wild animals by six corporate organizations and 15 individual sponsors.
The Nairobi Animal Orphanage holds an annual Honorary Adopters Homecoming Feeding Day and Christmas party for the orphaned animals,where the adopting parents and sponsors get the rare opportunity to feed the animals in the orphanage.
These events are aimed at bringing together foster parents and other potential adoptees to spend qualitytime with orphaned animals as we encourage them to own and conserve Kenya’s wildlife heritage for posterity.
The Homecoming & Feeding day is a time where we invite corporates/individuals to participate in the fanfare by helping us buy gifts and deck our orphanage with cheer for our wild animals. Foster parents and potential adoptees are encouraged to bring along gifts for their animals such as blankets for the cubs, balloons, toys, playing balls
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