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China denies ivory smuggling claims and vows to support Kenya The Chinese Government has denied claims of driving the global illegal wildlife trade and promised to support...
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A woman of Chinese nationality arrested smuggling ivory at Jomo Kenyatta airport A Chinese woman is appearing at a Makadara Law Court this Thursday afternoon (February 21, 2013) following ...
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Asia, Africa and North America join hands cracking down wildlife crime syndicates Police, Customs and wildlife officers from Asia, Africa and the United States announced today that a cross ...
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Collaring Amboseli Elephants in bid to Secure Critical Habitat, Mitigate Conflict Six pre-selected elephants will be fitted with GPS satellite collars starting today in the 8,797 km2 Amboseli landscape...
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Chinese and Tanzania nationals arrested smuggling ivory as a poacher is gunned down A Chinese national will appear in a Makadara Law Court this Monday afternoon (February 18, 2013) following his arrest...
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Canada partners with Kenya in climate change adaption in National Parks The Canadian Government through Parks Canada has partnered with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to support the country’s...
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South Africa to partner with Kenya in wildlife conservation and Management The South African Government is set to partner with Kenya in the area of wildlife conservation and management ...
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