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Collared Tsavo elephants to help reduce conflict and secure migratory corridors In an ambitious exercise starting 15th March 2011, eight elephants in Tsavo East National Park will be collared using GPS technology. The collared elephants, both male and female...
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Us Ambassador Launches National Sea Turtle Strategy US Ambassador HE Michael Ranneberger launch Kenya’s national sea turtle conservation strategy on Friday March 4, 2011 at the Malindi Marine National Park beach. ...
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Public warned against KWS and KAA recruitment fraudsters The public has been warned to be wary of fraudsters conning the public of money for Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Airports Authority recruitment for training. Kenya Wildlife Service Director ...
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Elephant population in upward trend in Tsavo/Mkomazi ecosystem Preliminary results from the just-concluded aerial census in Tsavo-Mkomazi ecosystem show that the elephant population now stands at 12,572 up from 11,696 recorded in the last census ...
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Giraffes boat home to Kenya sanctuary
Published: 14 Feb, 2011
Giraffes boat home to Kenya sanctuary The endangered Rothschild's giraffe has made a spectacular return home after 40 years in an unprecedented and daring ferry ride across Kenya’s Lake Baringo. “We have been waiting for...
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Conservation planning for sea turtles in Kenya Five species of sea turtles are found in Kenya; the Green turtle (Chelonia mydas), Hawksbill turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Olive Ridley turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea) nest and forage in Kenya ...
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KWS partners with IFAW to determine Elephant Populations in Kenya’s largest Ecosystem A six-day aerial census of elephants and other large mammals starts 07/02/2011 in the Tsavo-Mkomazi ecosystem with more than 100 participants drawn from four countries...
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