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News- 2008

American charity donates first aid kits worth Sh 4.3 million to KWS Ms. Susan Wallace, the Wood Tiger Foundation chairlady, presented the top quality first aid equipment...
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Wheelbarrow race raises sh9.4 million for conservation The fifth edition of the annual “To Hell’s Gate on a Wheelbarrow” at the Hell’s Gate National Park ...
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AP Corporal and civilian accomplice arrested with 40kg of ivory in Nairobi An Administration Police (AP) Corporal and his civilian accomplice have been arrested this afternoon with 40 kg...
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Mpesa foundation hands over Nairobi greenline Initiative to KWS Mpesa Foundation of the telecommunications service provider Safaricom ...
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National school essay competition winners awarded The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) yesterday presented awards to winners of primary...
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KWS rejoices for benefiting from Sh70 milion cyber award Kenya Wildlife Service is most pleased that the Tsavo Conservation Area is a beneficiary of the £500,000 Google Award...
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KWS offer to support projects for communities living around Lake Turkana Efforts are underway to provide wildlife conservation and community enterprise projects ...
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KWS BOT vice chair hands over community projects in Tsavo conservation area Tsavo Conservation Area (TCA) covers about 60,000 km2. The conservation area has three national parks namely Tsavo East National Park...
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KWS hunts for Rhino killers in Naivasha
Published: 31 May, 2013
KWS hunts for Rhino killers in Naivasha An operation to arrest poachers is underway following the killing of two rhinos and a calf in Naivasha at about 2am this morning. ...
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Feedback & Partnerships
Published: 30 May, 2013
Feedback & Partnerships The inaugural elite group of trainees that graduated on the 10th of April 2013 after the three month course at KWS LEA in partnership...
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