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News- 2008

KWS Launches New Electronic Park Entry Fees Payment System KWS introduced an additional way of paying park entry fees and other charges besides cash and cheques. The KCB credit/debit card payment system that accepts Visa, MasterCard and Kenswitch will also broaden payment to more currencies other than the usual Kenyan shilling and US dollar...
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Lake Nakuru National Park Receives International Bird Sanctuary Status Lake Nakuru National Park, one of Kenya’s leading tourist attraction sites, has been branded an international bird sanctuary. It becomes the first site to receive the Important Bird Area (IBA) celebrity status in Africa in recognition of its outstanding value to bird conservation...
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Hells Gate and Mt Longonot National Parks Get Major Face-Lift Forestry and Wildlife Minister Hon Dr Noah Wekesa EGH MP will on Friday September 25, 2009 preside over the branding Hell’s Gate and Mt Longonot national parks in Naivasha. ...
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Two Lions to Be Re-Fitted With Tracking Devices In Amboseli National Park Kenya Wildlife Service scientists will from August 16-23, 2009 replace two movement tracking devices on two lions in the Amboseli National Park. The two collars were among five GSM devices fitted on lions in 2007 for purposes of monitoring their movements and understanding human-lion conflict in the Amboseli ecosystem ...
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KWS Impounds 1 million Dollar Trophy
Published: 27 Jul, 2009
KWS Impounds 1 million Dollar Trophy Approximately 280kg of raw elephant ivory and two 18kg rhino horns totaling 1million USD was impounded at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Tuesday 14, 2009 by Kenya Wildlife Service law enforcement officers in liaison with Customs officers....
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KWS Celebrates 20th Ivory burning anniversary Kenya Wildlife Service commemorated the 1989 ivory burning ceremony at the Nairobi National Park on Saturday 18, July 1989. The two decade old past event took a global center stage when an accumulation of 12 tonnes of ivory worth over 1 million USD was torched led by the then President of Kenya H.E Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi...
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