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Kenya Wildlife Service rangers' deaths in Tsavo

Date Published: 05 Mar, 2012
Kenya Wildlife Service rangers' deaths in Tsavo

KWS rangers in the field using GPS and MIST data equipment during a security patrol

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) regrets to announce the death of two rangers while on duty on Friday, February 2. The rangers, who were on a patrol mission to remove wire snares (traps) used to kill wild animals in Sagala Ranch, were ambushed by poachers who shot them dead and stole their rifles and bullets.   

Subsequently, a massive operation was mounted jointly by KWS and other security agencies. During this operation, 33 suspects were arrested. The suspects are still in police custody helping with investigations. On the ground, teams are still combing the area in search of the lost firearms and to rid the area of poachers.The families of the deceased have been informed of the tragedy while burial arrangements are underway. 

Members of the public are requested to share information on the incident on 0728331981, 0736506052, 0770296352.These are hotline numbers that are available on 24-hour basis. 

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