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The lioness that has created fear in Nairobi killed

Date Published: 10 May, 2012
The lioness that has created fear in Nairobi killed

A lioness with three lion cubs in Nairobi National Park. Picture by Dave Mckelvie

The lioness that has created fear among residents of Mukoma Road in Karen/Langata adjacent to Nairobi National Park has been killed.
For the past four months, the lioness has been a regular albeit unwelcome guest in this neighbourhood. Kenya Wildlife Service has over the same period deployed rangers and capture personnel in an effort to capture her and return her to the park or move her to another park.

Seven lion traps were set for the purpose but she evaded them. Over this period it became difficult to locate the lioness. We, however, knew that she was there as she was captured on camera traps set up by one of the area residents and also numerous reports from residents.
The elusive lioness with four cubs was sighted yesterday around 10am and the capture team moved in to capture her.
Efforts to capture her, however, failed when it aggressively charged at the rangers and veterinarians who were preparing to dart her. The four healthy young cubs have been successively rescued and are at the Nairobi Animal Orphanage.

We appeal to residents of Mukoma Road to report to KWS should they see another lion in their area as it is possible more than one lion had strayed from the park. 

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