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Music festivals top honours for wildlife conservation, transparency performances

Date Published: 15 Aug, 2012
Music festivals top honours for wildlife conservation, transparency performances

Students at Mumbi Girls’ admire a KWS ‘wildlife for posterity’ sponsored trophy they won for a recitation of ‘Even animals have tears’ choral verse at this year national Kenya Schools and Colleges music festival in Meru on Monday.

For reciting ‘Even animals have tears’ choral verse, Mumbi Girls’ from Muranga County won national top award in the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) sponsored category at the just concluded Kenya Schools and Colleges music festivals.

The 89-year festival has been going on at Meru County for the past eight days.

According to the Kenya Music Festival chairman, Peter Wanjohi, the annual meet serve to implements the strategy of conservation, preservation and promotion of music and dance heritage in Kenya. The festivals provide forum to inculcate educational values and natures talents among the young ones.

This year, KWS sponsored themes on wildlife for posterity and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability for special composition performances by primary and secondary schools.

KWS Assistant Director for Conservation Education and Extension, Paul Mbugua, noted that this year’s choice of themes was informed by prevailing wildlife conservation challenges in the country.

“Poaching for ivory, human wildlife conflict and competing land uses remains major challenges of management and conservation for wildlife in the country today. KWS want to win conservation support from all stakeholders especially through education and awareness campaigns,” he said.

The performance by Mumbi Girls’ on wildlife conservation for posterity won the judges’ heart for its delivery and succinct presentation that explored challenges and solutions. The poem was premised on the matters of blood and tears, which wildlife have too, like human. The recitation posed question to human beings who have since purportedly appointed themselves gods of the animal kingdom yet God had created the basis of wildlife conservation during creation. The story of creation is told in the book of Genesis in the bible.

The girls’ recitation equated human nails with elephant tusks, human skin and leopards’ and the pain snares cause wildlife just like a noose to human. The verse condemned the recent killing of six lions in Kitengela as a result of human wildlife conflict. 

The recitation implored on human beings to protect wildlife and their habitat. 

Other KWS sponsored themes performances that won top national trophies include Moi University Primary School for both English and Swahili verses and Tudor Day for the Swahili verse on wildlife conservation theme while Kamobo Secondary won a music set piece award. St. Mary (Mumias) and Kianderi Secondary won verses in English and Swahili respectively on promoting accountability and transparency.

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