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Kenya Wildlife Service plea to the public on stray wild animals

Date Published: 16 Jun, 2012
Kenya Wildlife Service plea to the public on stray wild animals

Mr. Michael Kipkeu, Senior Assistant Director Community Wildlife Service addresses the Maasai Community from Kitengela at a conflict resolution meeting on the killing of lions at Muchiriri Valley in Sholinge area on January 3,2011

People encountering wild animals are advised to desist from killing them and instead report to the nearest Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) or government office.

Such animals under attack are dangerous and could kill or injure people.

This advice follows a retaliatory attack on a stray leopard by communities in Dagoretti Corner in Nairobi. 

The leopard had strayed into the village from Thogoto Forest in Kikuyu on the outskirts of Nairobi and killed a goat in the wee hours of Wednesday. The villagers on a revenge mission pursued the leopard killing it instantly.

Kenya Forest Service (KFS) rangers who heard commotion inside the forest responded immediately. They found a dead leopard and a goat at the scene. A group of men fled on seeing the rangers approach.

While human wildlife conflict incidents are regrettable given the damage to property and human injuries and deaths, KWS calls upon communities to alert its officials whenever stray wild animals are sighted.

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