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KWS introduces an E-Board System

Date Published: 01 Feb, 2012
KWS introduces an E-Board System

KWS Board of Trustees Chairman Hon David Mwiraria gets acquainted with the new e-Board system that was launched in Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club. With him is the CEO of Software Technologies Ltd Ms. Jyoti S. Mukherjee (left) and KWS head of ICT Mr. Michael Otieno Odhiambo. The e- Board system is in line with the KWS initiative of using technology to go green.

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) being on the forefront of conservation and environmental awareness has introduced a new system in partnership with Software Technologies Ltd that enables its Board of Trustees (B.O.T) run their operations without the use of paper.
The e-Board system is a web application based on the cloud computing technology, a concept that enables a quick deployment period as most of the work is based on configuration of the system to the organizations’ requirements and training for users. It also helps Information Communication Technology (ICT) departments reduce on their capital expenditure and revert to recurrent costs that are manageable over time.
The system is part of a Green Strategy that has been adopted by KWS in its endeavor to go green and enhance efficiency using technology. This will eliminate use of paper in board meetings as the system allows for users to access relevant board documents anywhere via the internet.
During the launch of the system on January 27, 2012 at the Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club, all board members were issued with an Ipad2 device for accessing the system.
With the system in place, only the master document will be required for signing. Other documents will be loaded into the system and easily accessible by members.
The system is designed for mobility and flexibility for users and easily available with minimal support and assistance from ICT. It is role based hence different users have different levels of access. This helps manage and control the security of all board deliberations.
It will allow for better exchange of information as members can access the information before or after meetings without having to call the Corporation Secretary to clarify certain facts that are already shared on the system. Past board materials including minutes from as far back as 20 years ago are also accessible from the system.
It is expected to greatly improve efficiency through reduction of time to prepare board materials and printing. It will also reduce overhead costs of paper. The system greatly increases the security of important documents by reducing the inherent potential risk of board material getting into the wrong hands or being misplaced. All material in the system is only accessible to the members by logging in with a secure username and password.
The launch of the e-Board system makes KWS the first state corporation to go green in running its board operations. At the time of launch, the only other institution in the country currently using such a system after complete deployment is the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB). KWS has declared 2012 its year of information and technology and the ICT department plans to upgrade its local area network to improve access to systems for the entire organisation.
The KWS Director, Mr. Julius Kipng'etich informed the board of the efforts KWS was making to enhance efficiency and using this system will go a long way in embracing emerging technologies in a bid to achieve the same. The Chairman, Hon. David Mwiraria, welcomed the innovation and congratulated the KWS team for the unique efficiency multiplier. KWS also plans to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that will enhance its business intelligence and integration of all KWS systems, consequently improving on reporting efficiency.

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