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Lake Nakuru National Park safe for game drives despite heavy rains

Date Published: 27 Sep, 2012
Lake Nakuru National Park safe for game drives despite heavy rains

Due to ongoing heavy rains in the rift valley, Lake Nakuru has been receiving lots of waters through its five feeding rivers (makalia, Nderit, Lamdiak, Naishi and Njoro rivers) causing the level of water in the lake to Rise, some parts of the roads in the park had been affected and damaged but the situation has since been contained, the affected roads have been raised making game drive even better  in that clients can view water fowls especially thousands of pelicans, greater Flamingoes  and other bird species at a closer range.

The park Management has put up Long term measures to curb the issue just incase of continued rains, one of them being the construction of alternative roads in the park.

This is to advise our clients that there is no cause for alarm and that Lake Nakuru National Park is safe for game drive. You are all invited to visit the park and  to experience the wild and wonder of nature.

Map of Lake Nakuru National Park

Map of lake Nakuru national park

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