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Suspect gunned down, 7 held over poaching

Date Published: 09 Jul, 2012
Suspect gunned down, 7 held over poaching

One suspected poacher has been gunned down this morning and three illegally-held firearms recovered in four different incidents across the country. 

Seven suspects are in police custody while three escaped from the incidents. 

In the first incident this morning at 2am (Monday, July 9, 2012) at Ngarenyiro in Laikipia County, four suspected poachers were arrested and two rifles, an M16 and an K47, recovered from them. 

Also recovered were 302 rounds of ammunition. The suspects, who were targeting to kill rhinos in Ol Pejeta and Solio ranches in Laikipia, were booked at Nanyuki Police Station. One of them has a pending case relating to wildlife crime and is out on bond. They will be arraigned before the Nanyuki court as soon as investigations are complete.

In the second incident, one suspected poacher was gunned down this morning (Monday, July 09, 2012) at 2am at Lower Imenti Forest. A G3 rifle with five rounds of ammunition and a hack saw were recovered. His three accomplices escaped, one of them with injuries.

The four were trailing an elephant that they had earlier darted with poisoned arrows. The elephant carcass was found with three arrows sticking on its body and the tusks were still intact.

In the third poaching incident, at Kimweli in Northern Tsavo East, two suspected poachers were arrested with two pieces of ivory and three gin traps (A metallic mechanical trap with serated edges designed to catch an animal by gripping the leg.  It’s an extremely inhuman way of killing wildlife as in most cases the animals end up with amputated legs after incredible suffering.) The suspects will be arraigned before the Mutomo law court.

In the forth incident, one suspected poacher was arrested with two pieces of ivory in Kone area in Northern Tsavo East in Tana River County. He’s to be arraigned before the Voi law court.

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