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Prime Ministers's statement on Kenya's anti-poaching efforts

Date Published: 10 Jan, 2013
 Prime Ministers's statement on Kenya's anti-poaching efforts

Our wildlife, which is one of our most important sources of income as a nation, and almost the sole source of our earnings from Tourism, has come under serious assault from poachers in recent days.
We lost at least 360 elephants last year, one of the highest recorded in recent years. This was an increase from at least 289 elephants killed in 2011. The danger seems to be worsening with every passing day.
While the events in Kenya are clearly part of the growing global surge in poaching fuled by high demand for ivory in Asian countries, we have a duty to secure our precious wildlife for posterity and continued economic well-being of our nation.
We must respond to this growing threat in a big way and we must respond fast.
Security agencies must treat the emerging poaching threat as part of the insecurity griping the country and not a wildlife issue to be addressed solely by the Kenya Wildlife Service.
The Internal Security Ministry, together with Treasury need to address the equipment, personnel and logistical needs of the Kenya Wildlife Service to enable us secure our parks and protect our wildlife. The KWS has forwarded its needs to the relevant ministries. Let this not be caught in more bureaucracy and procrastination while our heritage withers.
We need a well coordinated, well-financed and properly designed crackdown on poachers. This must involve the police, the Ministry of Tourism, InterpoI and the various ministries whose functions directly relate to the protection of wildlife and all our precious natural resources currently under threat.
I also appeal to the international community to help strengthen the national and international policing to deal with wildlife trafficking as a serious threat to conservation, rule of law, governance and economic development.

Raila A. Odinga, 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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