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American charity donates first aid kits worth Sh 4.3 million to KWS

Date Published: 12 Jun, 2013
American charity donates first aid kits worth Sh 4.3 million to KWS

An American charity has donated 250 state-of-the-art first aid kits worth Sh4.3 million to the Kenya Wildlife Service.  

Ms. Susan Wallace, the Wood Tiger Foundation chairlady, presented the top quality first aid equipment which is similar to those used by the U.S Marines deployed in areas such as Afghanistan. KWS rangers in the field will use the kits while protecting the country’s wildlife from poachers.

While receiving the equipment at the KWS Headquarters in Nairobi, KWS Director Mr. William Kiprono thanked Ms. Wallace for the donation and announced that the first-aid kits would not only be used for rangers but also Kenyan citizens and foreign tourists travelling in areas patrolled by KWS.

The Director said that KWS has now improved the first aid training of rangers and will soon be having their own certified first aid instructors to teach essential first-aid skills to every ranger and warden in the Service.

“Our rangers are now being trained to treat wounds suffered in road accidents, care for persons who suffer dehydration and heart strokes. They are even being trained and equipped to apply emergency CPR to heart attack victims,” Mr. Kiprono said.

He further added that Kenya is on its way towards having not only the most beautiful parks in Africa but also the safest.

Ms. Wallace said it was regrettable that some of KWS ranger deaths in the past might have been prevented had they received training in first-aid.

An emotional Ms. Wallace revealed that she was touched by the deaths of young rangers who leave behind their families, and that was what led her to make the donation.

More than 50 KWS rangers have so far been killed in the line of duty. On the 16th of December every year, KWS sets aside this day to collectively honour those who paid the ultimate price in their line of duty.

In 2011, a ranger statue was erected near the main gate of the KWS headquarters to remember, honour and celebrate the serving heroes for their commitment to the management and protection of Kenya’s precious wildlife. The statue symbolizes the efforts, courage and sacrifices of our rangers spread across the country.

A conservation monument also stands at the KWS headquarters with a roll of honour indicating names of those who died in the course of active duty while protecting the country’s wildlife resources.



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