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KWS hosts wildlife sector NGO sensitization meeting

Date Published: 13 Nov, 2013
KWS hosts wildlife sector NGO sensitization meeting

KWS Director Mr. William Kiprono (left) addresses representatives from various wildlife NGOs in the country at the Nairobi Safari Walk, KWS headquarters.

Wildlife conservation NGOs in Kenya are seeking to deepen their support to Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) operations in tackling new and emerging challenges in the sector in a forum hosted at its headquarters in Nairobi on Tuesday (November 12, 2013).

A consortium comprising of KWS and NGOs representatives was also formed to mobilize support on the thematic areas of wildlife research, security, awareness creation and community engagement.

While addressing the forum, KWS Director Mr. William Kiprono said the move will steer a more vibrant wildlife sector in the country. He pointed out that KWS has developed a strategic plan 2.0 (2012-2017) that outlines the framework the organization is taking to steer the wildlife sector for posterity. The strategy seeks to pursue conservation stewardship, collaborative partnership and people excellence.

“We welcome this collaboration and seek to engage you more to ensure we realize our vision of securing the last great species and places on earth for humanity,” he said.

Mr. Kiprono thanked all NGOs for their continued support in raising the profile of wildlife through such initiatives as aerial and ground surveys, provision of satellite linked transmitters, media and public campaigns.

At the same time, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Regional Director Mr. Ali Kaka, expressed appreciation to KWS for the effort it has put in overcoming poaching of rhinos and elephants in the country in recent months.

“I am impressed by the effort KWS has put in place in fighting poaching. It cannot be gainsaid that you have now reigned on hitherto runaway poaching in the country,” he said.

Mr. Mohammed Awer, World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) Country Director, also thanked KWS for engaging the wildlife sector NGOs and said that WWF will continue to provide resources needed for anti-poaching operations.

The consortium will among other things initiate the process of forming an umbrella body to champion wildlife sector issues. It will also evaluate modalities and areas of engagements.

NGOs represented at the forum included IUCN, Save the Elephants (STE), WWF, African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Conservation Centre, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS), Amboseli Trust for Elephants, Green Belt Movement, The Nature Conservancy Conservancy (TNC).



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