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Ministerial statement on status of the Wildlife Conservation and Management bill 2013

Date Published: 22 Aug, 2013
Ministerial statement on status of the Wildlife Conservation and Management bill 2013

The trade in wildlife and its products poses a major challenge in wildlife conservation. Elephants are killed for ivory, while the rhinos are killed for the horns. The elephants and rhinos in Kenya, like in other African states are under severe and escalating levels of poaching threats, which is one of the greatest threats to wildlife conservation. In fact, poaching and wildlife trafficking has now become more organized, lucrative, and widespread than ever before. These challenges are undermining the anti-poaching and wildlife trafficking interventions by the Government and the international community over the last twenty five years.

The Wildlife Conservation and Management Bill, 2013 was published in the Kenya Gazette on 22nd July, 2013.  The purpose of the Bill is to broaden investment in the wildlife sector, in order to support livelihoods of the Kenyan people, among others.  In particular, enactment of the Bill will lead to enhancing the fight against poaching of endangered species by stiffening the penalties meted on offenders. The Ministry is committed to the fast-tracking of the enactment of this Bill and calls upon all relevant stakeholders to support this initiative to conserve and protect our national heritage for posterity.Read More



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