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KWS hunts for Rhino killers in Naivasha

Date Published: 31 May, 2013
KWS hunts for Rhino killers in Naivasha

An operation to arrest poachers is underway following the killing of two rhinos and a calf in Naivasha at about 2am this morning.

Armed poachers infiltrated Oserian private sanctuary and killed the rhinos but Kenya Wildlife Service rangers on night patrol reacted swiftly and deterred them from taking away the rhino horns which they were in the process of removing.  

The Director of KWS and his team are committed to enforcing the wildlife law to the letter and will not be cowed by actions of criminals hell-bent on destroying Kenya’s wildlife resources for individual gain. KWS rangers countrywide have been put on high alert to safeguard this heritage.

We are calling upon the public to volunteer information that can help our security systems to end this poaching problem.


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