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Daily Nation.   01 Mar, 2010
Kenya upped its campaign against international trade in ivory ahead of next month’s Doha Conference of Parties by hosting more than 20 diplomats to present its case....
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Daily Nation   23 Feb, 2010
The number of carnivorous animals in the country is on the decline and the government is worried. From cheetahs, lions and leopards to stripped hyena’s and African wild dogs, their population has been dwindling at an alarming rate, a trend that is now being blamed on climate change, loss of food, and increased human population. On Monday, Forestry and Wildlife minister Noah Wekesa said it was a matter of serious concern that needed urgent attention. ...
[ more » ]   22 Feb, 2010
Zambia has made last minute appeals to other countries to understand the country’s bid to start trading in ivory as member countries of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) prepare to make a ruling on whether to allow the country embark on sale of ivory....
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The Tyee   22 Feb, 2010
SOYSAMBU, Kenya - A senior Kenyan wildlife official says about 7,000 zebras and wildebeests are being moved to one of the country's premier game parks to restore the balance of predators and prey disrupted by last year's drought....
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The Sudbury Stars   22 Feb, 2010
Kenyan authorities on Wednesday began a plan to restore the predator-prey balance in one of the country's premier game parks after a recent drought -- by moving thousands of zebras and wildebeests closer to the lions. ...
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The Standard Newspaper   22 Feb, 2010
he European Union has backed Kenya’s opposition to partially lifting the ban on ivory trade. The European Parliament voted on Wednesday in favour of the 23 States that make up the Africa Elephant Coalition (AEC) of elephant range states opposed to resumption of international trade in ivory....
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Dallas News   16 Feb, 2010
JOHANNESBURG – Lore has it that elephants are afraid of mice, but scientists have discovered that elephants are truly afraid of bees – and that the pachyderms sound an alarm when they encounter them....
[ more » ]   12 Feb, 2010
Kenya has launched a road map to save the nationally critically endangered Roan Antelope, the Kenya Wild life Service (KWS) said on Thursday....
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   08 Feb, 2010
Wildlife advocates and scientists are concerned that a proposed sale of elephant tusks may spur even more poaching of the animals in frica.International trade in ivory is banned by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), but Tanzania and Zambi have asked the convention for a special sale of 112 tons of ivory. ...
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Business Daily   05 Jan, 2010
Kenya will campaign for a total ban on ivory trade at an international meeting on wildlife conservation scheduled for March, as its herds of elephants continue to be endangered by poaching....
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Wildlife Direct   27 Dec, 2009
Hot on the heels of the 15th UN Climate Conference held in Copenhagen - or CoP 15 - is another not so loudly obvious CoP 15: The CITES Conference of Parties to be held in Doha, Qatar, between 13 and 25 March 2010. For the unfamiliar, this is meeting that decides what endangered animal or plant (or part thereof) can be bought and sold in the open market....
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Coast Week   23 Dec, 2009
Four of the world's last known remaining eight northern white rhinos have been relocated from captivity back to a Kenyan reserve as part of efforts to save the species from extinction....
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Daily Nation   23 Dec, 2009
The short rains that pounded the larger Nakuru District for a few days in August, September and November were greeted with a sigh of relief. For a while, residents and tourists marvelled at the replenished Lake Elementaita that had dried up due to the long drought, destruction of its catchment area and the effects of the much publicised climate change. But their joy was short-lived, as the lake, home to thousands of lesser flamingoes, is on its deathbed again, with more than 80 per cent of it having dried up. ...
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The Standard   23 Dec, 2009
By Kipchumba Kemei Setting out at first light towards Paradise Plain, I saw and heard my first lion. He was sitting on a termite mound, perhaps half a mile from where we had parked our vehicle and was clearly visible through my binoculars, a full-grown male with a tobacco-coloured mane. The highland air was crisp and cold, and with every roar I could see his breath condensing in white puffs, like smoke from a dragon’s nostrils. ...
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BBC   20 Dec, 2009
Four rare Northern White rhinos have been flown from a Czech zoo to Kenya, in a desperate attempt to save the species from extinction.Animal experts hope the rhinos - two males and two females - will breed in their natural habitat in Africa. ...
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Daily Nation   01 Dec, 2009
The African elephant may not survive for long given the level of sophistication adopted by poachers. And, joining the largest living land mammal on the endangered list are six other species in six African countries, according to findings by a team of conservationists drawn from across the continent who have been monitoring regional poaching trends since last year....
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The Standard   30 Nov, 2009
Have you ever seen an antelope that lives in water? Chances are you have not and you are not alone. One of the world’s most rare aquatic antelopes, Sitatunga, only emerge out of water late in the evening and early morning to graze at riverbanks. ...
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The Standard   25 Nov, 2009
Cases of human-wildlife conflict have reduced following the El Nino rains in Taita-Taveta District. Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) personnel said the large population of wildlife that had strayed into people’s settlement had gone back to the Tsavo National Park....
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Daily Nation   20 Nov, 2009
A 37-year-old man in Malindi was caught in a sting operation when he attempted to sell game trophies to KWS officers posing as customers. Mr Garama Mathayo Kondo’s bid to fetch several thousands of shillings, or US dollars, flopped when the Kenya Wildlife Service officers pounced on him just minutes before he delivered a consignment of game trophies at the Malindi airport on Thursday. ...
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Daily Nation   17 Nov, 2009
Kenya is opposing a move by Tanzania to reintroduce the sale of ivory, saying it will increase elephant poaching in the region. The Kenya Wildlife Service says Tanzania is taking advantage of a “malicious loophole” and proposing the sale of ivory during an international moratorium. ...
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