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Wildlife Compensation Process

Compensation under the Wildlife and (conservation and Management) (amendment) Act herein after called ‘the Act’ is set out under section 62 which reads:- “Where any person suffers any bodily injury from or is killed by any animal, the person injured or in the case of a deceased person, any other person injured who was dependent upon him at the date of death , may make application to district committee established by this section for the award of the compensation for the injury or death’.  The compensation process starts at the District level where the District Compensation Committee deliberates on legitimate cases.

Currently compensation awarded under this section shall be payable out of monies provided for this purpose. This is 50,000.00 for injuries and 200,000.00 for the loss of life cases received, considered, determined and awarded by the District compensation committees effective 1st July 2006. The District Wildlife compensation Committee comprises the following gazetted Officers as per the Cap 376 of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act. Section 62 Sub section 2:-

  • DC of area as Chairman
  • KWS officer of the area as the Secretary.
  • Officer Commanding Police Station (OCS)
  • Medical Officer of Health
  • MP of the area.
  • Chairman of the County Council
  • Three members appointed by the Minister.
  • One co-opted official appointed by the Committee.

After deliberations by the District Wildlife Compensation Committee, approved claims are forwarded to KWS HQs by the DC for compilation and submission to the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife for payment. After approval by the ministerial committee, the permanent Secretary then issues cheques to the DC of the respective areas. The DC then issues individual cheques to the claimants.

In 1989, the Wildlife Conservation and Amendment Act, CAP 376 was amended vide Bill No. 16 which among others officially outlawed compensation for crops, livestock and other related (man-made) farm infrastructure.

However, the Ministry has initiated a comprehensive review of CAP 376 (Wildlife Conservation and Management Act of 1989) with a view to explore sustainable options available for compensation

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