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Problem Animal Management Unit (PAMU)

In 2006, KWS established a mobile rapid response team (PAMU) which has its base at Nanyuki. This is a highly mobile unit that is dispatched to various areas within the country due to the intensity of human wildlife conflict. Currently the team has the strength of 41 personnel. The team is headed by Warden 1 with a Assistant Warden 11 as deputy. The team can be split into four teams and simultaneously deployed to high conflict zones to beef up the local PAC teams.

PAMU is a unit within the community wildlife service department established to ensure swift response to human wildlife conflict incidents within the country. The role of the rapid response team is to beef up the local problem animal control teams in all CWS stations to handle conflicts. The aim of this mobile team is to reduce significantly the number of conflicts within the country and specifically in the following identified conflict hot spots:-

  • Laikipia/Rumuruti
  • Narok/Transmara
  • Tsavo East & West (Taita Taveta, Rombo, Njukini)
  • Lamu (Mpeketoni, Witu)
  • Imenti South (Meru)
  • Amboseli

The role played by PAMU contributes to the following Strategic Objectives for Community Wildlife Service department

  • (SO2): Promote positive human wildlife interaction
  • (SO3): Promote Community support for wildlife conservation
  •  (SO4):Strengthen CWS & community capacity

PAMU is a specialized, frontline response to human wildlife conflict within all wildlife areas in the country. PAMU continues to propel KWS in achieving an enhanced corporate image and positive public attitude towards wildlife conservation and management. The communities who host wildlife on their land and bear the brunt of human wildlife conflict are beginning to appreciate wildlife.  More communities have the desire to set aside land for conservation through establishment of nature based businesses for benefits.

Hot Spot Conflict Map


Human Wildlife Conflict Hot Spots  Areas

  • Tsavo East/West
  • Lamu
  • Laikipia
  • Narok/Transmara


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