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Conservation Education

Murera Education Centre


Murera  education Centre is located in the Meru National Park and is meant to serve the Eastern Conservation Area .The Centre started its operations in 1980 with the aim of:-

  • Creating awareness in order to gain appreciation of Meru National Park by communities living around the park 
  • Illustrating the threats to Meru National Park’s ecosystem that are a direct result of human activity.
  • Preparing pupils to play an active role through participation and exposure for them to assist mitigate environmental threats caused by human activities.
  •   Promoting environmental action learning in order to bridge the gap between schools, local community and the wider environment.
  •    Enhancing the learning process in schools by providing new and exciting experiences.
  •   Increasing participation by school and children in the conservation of the environment in their school or at home.   
  • Increasing Children’s creativity and innovation towards identifying and solving of local environmental problems and taking actions    geared towards sustainable practices around the park.
  •  Increasing community awareness on the significance of responsible practices and activities for their survival and that of the park.

    i)    Outreach Programmes.
    ii)    In house programmes.
    iii)    Celebration of World conservation days
    iv)    Annual WCK – KWS workshop
    v)    Teachers /Students trainings and seminars on environmental issues.
    vi)    Annual Staff/ departmental information exchange workshops.
    vii)    Participation in Annual ASK Shows.

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