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Conservation Education

Tsavo East Education Centre

Background Information
Tsavo East Conservation Education Centre was established in 1972. The centre includes hostels- dormitories, lecture hall and catering facilities. The Centre serves various learning communities i.e. members of WCK, students from all levels of educational institutions and non-educational organized groups from members of the public.

It disseminates environmental/wildlife conservation awareness to all Kenyans and members of the international community. The centre uses various methods to pass the relevant conservation messages to the visiting individuals or organized groups.
Some of the methods used include:-

  •  Guided park interpretation tours
  •  Lectures at the centre
  •  Video shows
  • Exhibitions 
  • Library references
  • Guided nature trail walks  Outreach, lecture and video show programmes to schools and training institutions, Barazas, meetings and workshop. 

  •  To provide opportunities for the people to learn more about environmental/wildlife conservation.
  •  To create awareness, understanding and appreciation of wild animals and their habitats.
  •  To sensitize people to be more responsible in managing and utilizing the environment.
  •  To Change peoples' attitudes to have positive concern for environmental/wildlife conservation.

  To win peoples' appreciation and support for natural resources conservation.


The following facilities are available at subsidized rates.


There are three dormitories for the visitors and one separate room for the group leaders. Beds and mattresses are provided for up to 50 visitors at a time. Charges for accommodation facilities are as follows:-

Citizen: Kshs.I00.00 per student and Kshs. 250.00 per adult per night.
Non-residents: US$8 per student and US$10 per adult per night.
Necessary utensils, cutlery, gas cooker and firewood  are provided at Ksh. 2000.00 per day.


A sixty-two seat bus is available for hire at Kshs. 80.00 per km traveled. Booking has to be done one week prior to the d-day.

Reference materials on wildlife conservation  and other related issues are available in the Library for visitors and groups in our hostels.

Lecture hall

A very spacious conference hall well furnished with modern equipments such as video machine player, television, video cassettes, LCD, Laptop and other teaching aids.
Hall is available for hire at Kshs. 2000.00 per day.

Nature trail:
Nyika nature trail: As you walk along the trail, you are able to watch birds, identify and learn about various plants of Tsavo.

What to bring
Visitors are requested to bring their own food, bedding, toiletries, writing materials and for those who can, a digital camera and a pair of binoculars.

Main Attractions
From the Education Centre visitors can tour the following interesting attractions and game viewing:-

  • Mudanda Rock
  • Yatta Plateau 
  • Aruba Dam 
  • Lugard's Falls
  • Variety of wildlife species both flora and Fauna.

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