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2008 Publications

  2008 Publications
Challenges and opportunities for bird hazard mitigation strategies in Africa: Airport bird hazard control capacity building programmes in Kenya. Proceedings of the 12th Pan-African Ornithological Congress, 7-12 September 2008, Cape Town, South Africa.

Amutete, G., Owino, A.O. & Froneman, A. (2008)

Prevalence of antibodies against Rift Valley fever virus in Kenyan Wildlife. Epidemiology & Infection. 136(9):1261-1269

Evans, A, Gakuya, F., Paweska, J. T., Rostal, M. 1., Akoolo, L. 4;.,Van Vuren, P. J., Manyibe, T., 2; Macharia, J. M., Ksiazek, T. G., Feikin, D. R., Breiman, R. F., Njenga, M. Kariuki. (2008).

Feasibility Assessments for Community Conservation Areas in Kajiado District, Kenya: Mbilin, Engirrgiri and Kipeto. Research Reports of the Southern Conservation Area, Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenana, L., Owino, A., Mwinzi, C., Lesale, J. & Muli S. (2008)

The performance of electric fences as elephant barriers in Amboseli, Kenya. South African Journal of Wildlife Research 38(1):52-58. 2008

Kioko, J., Muruthi, P., Omondi, P. Chiyo, P.I. (2008)

Population Survey of Spotted Hyena Crocuta crocuta in Aberdare National Park - Kenya.

Lumbasi, J., Okita-Ouma, B., Wandera, A., & Omondi, P. (2008)

Ciliated intestinal protozoa of black (Diceros bicornis michaeli) and white rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum simum) in Kenya. African Journal of Ecology 46 (2): 144-148

Obanda, V., Gakuya, F., Lekolool, I., Chege S., B. Okita & Manyibe, T.( 2008)

Injuries of free ranging African elephants (Loxodonta africana africana) in various ranges of Kenya. Pachyderm 44: 54 -58.

Obanda, V., Ndeereh, D., Mijele, D., Lekolool, I., Chege, S & Gakuya, F. (2008)

Population Genetic Structure of Savannah Elephants in Kenya: Conservation and Management Implications. Journal of Heredity: Vol 99 : 443-453.

Okello, J.B.A., Masembe, C., Rasmussen, H.B., Wittemyer, G., Omondi, P., Kahindi, O., Muwanika, V.B., Arctander, P., Douglas-Hamilton, I., Nyakaana, S. & Siegismund, H.R. (2008)

Minimizing competition by removing elephants from a degraded Ngulia rhino sanctuary, Kenya. Pachyderm, 44, 80-87

Okita-Ouma, B., Mijele, D., Amin, R., Gakuya, F., Ndeereh, D., Lekolol, I., Omondi, P., Woodley, D., Litoroh, M. and Kock, R. (2008)

Assessment of some aspects of conservation biology of papyrus endemic passerines in Kenya. Scopus 28: 25-30.

Owino, A.O. & Oyugi, J.O. (2008)

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